Anupam Damani

Managing Director, Global Public Markets, Emerging Markets

B.A., Political Science and Economics, Calcutta University
M.B.A., Investment Management, Pace University
Employee and participant since 2005
New York, NY
Anupam has nearly 20 years of investment experience. She manages investments in loans made to foreign governments in emerging and developing countries. She holds her Chartered Financial Analyst Certification.

Which of TIAA's corporate values resonate most with you, and why?

"Take Personal Accountability." To take ownership of one’s actions is a value that resonates the most with me. As simple as that may sound, it often involves self-awareness, courage, leadership, and integrity to accept the success and failure associated with our everyday choices.

Were there any special aspects of your experience prior to TIAA that have benefited you here?

I started my career in Emerging Markets in the early 1990s at a time of major crisis. At that time I worked for a manager who pushed me to “think out of the box.” This practice shaped much of my investment philosophy, and continues to help guide my investment decision-making.

Describe the culture at TIAA. What makes it unique?

The people make TIAA unique. They strongly believe in ensuring the financial well-being of those that serve us. My colleagues are bright, hard-working, and motivated. They also are principled and ethical in their decision-making.

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