Amar Jhaveri, CFA

Associate Wealth Management Advisor

B.S., Business Administration, University at Buffalo
M.B.A., Finance, Fordham University
Employee and participant since 2009
New York, NY
Amar’s family works in medicine, and, as participants, they were very familiar with TIAA’s reputation. During the financial crisis of 2008, Amar was looking to align his core values with his financial acumen and thought TIAA was a natural fit for him. He’s never looked back.

How has your career progressed and evolved since you joined TIAA?

I spent a few years within the Field Consulting Group and then moved into my role within Individual Advisory Services. I have learned so much — not only about the firm, but about myself and my work ethic.

What is something about yourself that your colleagues would be surprised to learn?

I enjoy running. I am trying to join the “7 Continents Club,” in which you run a marathon on every continent. I've got three more to go: Africa, Australia and Antarctica.

Who has inspired you most in your life, and why?

I am most inspired by my aunt Asha from India. My mother was working as a physician, and my aunt raised me until I was four years old. Later, when my wife told me we were having a daughter, there was no doubt in my mind that we would name her Asha.

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