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“Having enough to take care of myself is very important.”

Vaune Peck | Director of the Arts and visual artist | 62 years old
Participant since 2010

Get to know Vaune Peck

Personal and professional information about Vaune Peck

In retirement, Vaune wants more time for creative expression

What are you passionate about and how does it relate to what you do for a living?

“Art! I am surrounded by the arts. I have a fabulous job as the director of the Center for the Arts for a university and present over 100 arts events a year, ranging from live concerts through art exhibitions. Not only that, I am the one that grew the events into the center. We started out with seven events and now we put on over 100 a year. In my other art career, I am a sculptor, painter and photographer.”

What does retirement look like for you?

“I feel like retirement will be the opportunity to fully embrace the art that I've always wanted to do – in a way that I've always wanted to – but have been unable to because I’ve had to work.”

Are you on track for retirement?

“My husband died when I was 29, and [as a single mom] I had nothing, and worked two jobs while putting myself through college, so I didn’t start [saving for retirement] till almost 40.  I will be 63 this October and can retire at 66 if [I have enough saved in my retirement plan]. Otherwise, I may have to continue working until I am 70.”

How have you prepared for retirement?

“I am lucky that I had mentors, especially one who I would talk to about retirement planning because he went through the process and was able to use his experience to give me some advice.
I have [also met with] TIAA financial consultants to help me get in a place where I could understand what was really happening.  All my life I’ve wanted to learn more about investing and never really had the time. So, working with financial planners helps.”
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How has TIAA helped you?

Retirement planning

As a single mother, Vaune worked two jobs and focused on her kids. She started saving for retirement at age 40 and wants to make sure she’s on the right track.

Figuring out Social Security

She’s thinking through when to take Social Security. She is eligible now, but waiting will allow Vaune to maximize her benefits.

Feeling confident

Vaune's always wanted to learn about investing. She's talking to friends, mentors and TIAA to help shape her financial future.

Wondering if you're ready to retire?

Like Vaune, many investors seek out help to decide when they should retire. Tell us how you picture your life in retirement and we’ll help you create a strategy.
Contact us with any questions you may have about transitioning to retirement.
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"Retirement for me will be the opportunity to fully embrace the art that I've always wanted, in a way that I've always wanted to."

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Consider income options you can’t outlive in retirement.
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