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“I’m at a place in my life where I can comfortably retire.”

Lenetta Lee, Ph.D. | University administrator | 52 years old
Participant since 1998

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Lenetta takes a hands-on approach to financial planning

Are you on track for retirement?

“I feel like I am on track because I think about it and plan for it. I also monitor my accounts. With TIAA, I have access to my accounts, so I am able to keep tabs of where I am at any time.”

What motivates you?

“I grew up poor. We were rich in many ways, but grew up [financially] poor. There were seven of us, and at a young age I set goals for myself. Certain things that I knew I just did not want to go through, and that’s exactly why I went to college, that’s exactly why I save. I want to be comfortable at 65, because I’m comfortable now.
In terms of earning and obtaining certain degrees, taking on specific jobs, that’s my source of motivation. I want to know if I decide to I could choose to live somewhere else—on an island, in a different state, or down south. I want to be comfortable enough to have choices. Choices are a big thing to me.”

How does TIAA help you keep your retirement goals in sight?

“When TIAA’s financial consultants come to campus, I attend those meetings. I also go online and access my account details there. The online tools are simple and easy to use.”
Working Together

How has TIAA helped you?

“My TIAA financial consultant helped me come up with a plan to fund my son's high school tuition."
– Lenetta Lee

Helpful guidance

When Lenetta was looking into ways to pay off her son’s last semester of private school, she turned to TIAA consultants for help. “My financial consultant remained on the phone with me through the entire process. She was patient and informative.”

Informed decisions

When TIAA’s financial consultants come to campus, Lenetta likes to attend presentations and seminars to keep herself informed, though she prefers to interact online. “I find it easy to navigate the [site].”
Mutual Funds

Save money for the things that are important to you

Besides her 403(b), Lenetta is saving for the long-term with mutual funds. Investing in mutual funds can help you save and grow your money for the things that are important to you. Consider when you will need the money and how much risk you’re comfortable with.

A rainy day

Lower risk mutual funds, for shorter time horizons, can help you protect your money and make sure it’s there when you need it.

The retirement you want

An assortment of mutual funds, with various risk levels, can help you invest for the long term in your employer’s retirement plan, an IRA, or a brokerage account.

A new home

Growing family? Thinking about a bigger place? Whatever your plans, mutual funds can help you invest for your next home.

Learn more about how TIAA’s mutual funds can help you meet your savings goals.

Lenetta's Inspirations

“I love developing young professionals as well as helping my colleagues grow."

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