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“I can live in the present knowing the future is taken care of.”

Jane Hale | Retired French professor | 67 years old
Participant since 1985

Get to know Jane Hale

Jane retired after a successful career inspiring others through language

What does retirement look like to you?

“Retirement has given me the freedom to enjoy and build upon all I’ve gained in a career focused on language, literature and personal communication. I get up in the morning when I want, sit down on my sun-porch with a cup of coffee to read whatever I want, for as long as I want, and then decide how I want to spend the rest of the day.
“I love teaching, so I still teach here and there.  I just started a second round of teaching a literature program for offenders at the Plymouth Massachusetts District Court.  And when [I first retired], I went over to the library and said I’d like to volunteer for English teaching to somebody in the community, and I was assigned a family of 11 Vietnamese immigrants, and it’s been a real pleasure.”

How did successful financial planning help you?

“I could retire when I was eligible, at 66, without worrying if I should have waited a few years more. I have a [independent] financial planner to confer with about major financial decisions, and to meet with regularly to discuss how our planning is working, and what we might want to do differently.”

How has it affected your retirement?

“Before working with [my planner], I knew I had enough money to live on, but had no idea what that would look like—how much I could receive from which sources, how much I would draw down my savings, or how to have enough money until the end of my life.
“My husband, Bill, knew more than I about this. It wasn’t until he was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 that I realized I needed to do more than just save money, which we’d been doing pretty well all along.”

How has it affected your ability to help others?

“I started a family literacy program in Lesotho that we donated $30,000 to start. We also have supported two individuals, one in Senegal and one in Lesotho, to help build a house, get their children through school, and stabilize their lives financially.”
Working Together

How has TIAA helped you?

Saving for retirement

Since 1994, Jane and her husband always put the maximum amount into their TIAA retirement plans.

Remodeling her home

She and her husband decided to add onto their home to entertain friends in retirement. They applied for a TIAA low-interest loan.

Retirement income

Annuities helped them a lot once her husband reached 70 years old. Jane now has enough money to live on and feels very secure.

Retirement Income

Creating an individual income plan

When it’s time to retire, there are many options that will shape your ability to live the life you want in retirement. Jane’s financial planner helped her develop an income plan.
Certainty Covering basic, everyday expenses in retirement by converting a portion of your savings into guaranteed income.1
Flexibility Pairing guaranteed income with variable annuities for potential growth.
Support Navigate complex issues like tax planning with help from an advisor.

You can discuss your retirement income options with TIAA

Jane's Inspirations

“My financial planning has allowed me to be generous to others.”

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