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“Invest so that tomorrow is as enjoyable as today.”

Eva Selhub, M.D. | Physician and wellness coach | 48 years old
Participant since 1997

Get to know Dr. Eva Selhub

Eva is growing her business and saving for retirement

What would you say your passion is?

“My passion really is my work. I recently resigned from [my position at a hospital] to focus solely on my career. I empower individuals to transform themselves, their health, and their lives so that they can live a full, happy and healthy life. I love seeing people have 'ah ha' moments — when they learn they have a choice and an ability to heal and thrive.”

What does retirement look like to you?

“My goal is to never fully retire, as I love what I do.  I may do it less, but I cannot imagine that I would stop public speaking, inspiring, writing, and consulting. I do, however, see myself living by the sea and spending a lot of time in Europe relaxing.”

How do you stay on track with your financial goals?

“I talk to the financial consultants at TIAA. You know, you don’t go and do your own healthcare; you go to a doctor for that. I don’t profess to know more than what I do for my living, so when it comes to finances, stocks, and investing, I go to TIAA. I ask them questions. When they say, ‘You should invest in this,’ I want to know why. At the end of the day I want to be educated.”

How do you balance building your business and saving for retirement?

“I’m building a business, so I can’t put away [as much] but I can put away [something]. But it’s not like I’m coming up with arbitrary numbers. I talk to people who say, ‘Well at this age, this is what you should be doing,’ and [we] look at my financial circumstances and what I need to be investing in and if it’s possible. Some years are going to be better than others, but you know what your goals are.”

What does successful financial planning mean to you?

“It means understanding how to budget your life today, to put away for tomorrow, and also invest so that tomorrow is as enjoyable as today, or more so.”
Working Together

How has TIAA helped you?

Managing her money

“I find the website to be very user-friendly and one I can navigate myself.”

Financial planning

Eva has been watching the markets this year and plans to work with TIAA’s financial consultants to help her more actively manage her investments.
Advice and Support

No matter how much you know, sometimes you need a little help

Eva had been passively saving, but after starting her business she wanted to take a more active role in investing. Her advice for other people is to, “Get involved [and] talk to TIAA. They’re going to want to help see your investments grow over time.”

TIAA provides no-additional cost consultations for all.

A conversation

An experienced consultant talks with you and listens to your needs.

Personalized strategy

We help you understand your options and which one might be right for your situation.

A long-term relationship

We’re committed to your long-term growth and security.
Eva's Inspirations

“It’s my passion to change lives.”

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