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“It’s never too early to begin preparing for your future.”

Angela Moore | Research Assistant | 25 years old
Participant since 2015

Get to know Angela Moore

 Snapshot: Get to know Angela Moore

Angela is researching how to manage her money

What are you passionate about?

“My love of research, especially in regard to recreational mathematics, is a passion that’s significantly impacted my life. For the past few years I’ve embarked on a personal journey to disprove Beal’s Conjecture.”
What is Beal’s Conjecture?

How has your passion impacted your approach to financial planning?

“My passion for research is equally linked to my pursuit of retirement options.  Without it, I would have never begun planning for my retirement at such an early age. I also would have remained oblivious to the many services offered through TIAA, such as their investment opportunities and the breadth of information posted on their website for women who seek to thrive in their financial future.”

Are you on track for retirement?

“I’m just beginning my career; however, it’s never too early to begin preparing for your future. Ever since I received my benefits package, I have invested a percentage of each paycheck I earn to my retirement fund. In addition, I have also researched stock options and have made several investments through TIAA."
“I have always been a fiscally responsible individual, but ever since I began considering the prospect of winning the million-dollar Beal Prize, my economic awareness skyrocketed tenfold.”
working together

How has TIAA helped you?



Angela joined TIAA’s Woman2Woman community, where she can talk to other women about investing.


She started saving in her workplace retirement plan and is learning about investing strategies on

The unexpected

If Angela wins big, she’ll be prepared because she’s researching how to invest her money responsibly.
the power of interest

Save early and often for retirement

Angela started saving in her early 20s. It’s a good idea to save early and often to take advantage of compounding interest.
*This is a hypothetical example for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to predict or project performance of any account. Actual returns will vary.
angela's inspirations

“My love of research, especially in regard to recreational mathematics, is a passion that’s significantly impacted my life.”

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