TIAA and Clients Win Four PSCA Signature Awards

May 2, 2017
TIAA and Clients Win Four PSCA Signature Awards
The annual Plan Sponsor Council of America’s (PSCA) Signature Awards, honoring excellence in plan communication and investment education, were presented today at the 70th annual PSCA National Conference in Chicago. For more information about the awards and the award categories, please visit .
Caltech and TIAA received 2nd place in the “Fiduciary and Plan Design Resources” category, which recognizes communications designed to provide retirement plan committees with the information they need to act with care, skill, and prudence as they manage their retirement plans.  TIAA and Caltech collaborated to create a video and PowerPoint highlighting the evolution of Caltech’s retirement brand, Science of Benefits.  The materials are used with senior leadership to showcase how marketing has “moved the needle” with participant behavior.
TIAA, together with West Virginia University Hospitals and The City University of New York, took home awards in the “Plan Administration and Design Changes” category, which honors plan communications that are easy to understand, educational and engaging to employees.
  • 1st Place: West Virginia University Hospitals SRK Implementation: “Even Super Heroes Want to Retire” was the tagline for West Virginia University Hospitals successful transition to TIAA as sole recordkeeper in 2016.  As a result of their strong collaboration in communicating the changes and attention on how to engage health care professionals, year-over-year employee engagement in the plan experienced a noticeable increase.
  • 2nd Place: City University of New York SRK Implementation: The City University of New York, with more than 38,000 employees across 24 colleges in New York, transitioned to sole recordkeeping with TIAA in early 2017. The transition involved several employee-sensitive plan changes including a new investment lineup with future contribution mapping.  This implementation delivered unique messages to five distinct CUNY audiences using a New York City Subway themed visual concept called “Connections.”
Finally, in the “Retirement Readiness” category, which measures and tracks how prepared plan participants are for their retirement, TIAA’s Stay Smart for Life program was awarded 1st place. Stay Smart for Life offers timely engagement opportunities for TIAA participants who are nearing retirement (ages 60-70), or who have recently transitioned due to retirement or a job change. This multi-touch, omni-channel communication program acknowledges the emotions individuals experience during times of transition, and provides a unique personalized experience. The goal of this program is to reduce institutional administrative burdens by generating awareness, promoting engagement, and providing a clear path of action to help create better financial outcomes for transitioning employees.
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