TIAA Digital Receives Ninth U.S. Patent for Innovation

AUGUST 13, 2020 – TIAA Digital received in March a United States (U.S.) Patent for its newest invention, Visual Presentation of Metrics Reflecting Lifecycle of Software Artifacts. The invention enables teams to create high quality software that accelerates new features and updates for our client and employee technology. It is the organization’s ninth patent within four years recognizing innovation of the client experience and business processes at TIAA.

"The patent honors the Digital Analytics and Software Tools teams' analytics system, which displays near real-time information about the software build cycle for IT developers, testers and senior management decision-making," said Gary Couture, Senior Director of Digital Analytics at TIAA.

TIAA Digital U.S. Patents (2016-2020)

TIAA is proud of these recent innovations that help improve client websites and the tools used by employees assisting our clients.

U.S. Patent Title Year
10,585,666 Visual Presentation of Metrics Reflecting Lifecycle Events of Software Artifacts 2020
10,437,707 Evaluating and presenting software testing project status indicators 2019
10,310,849 Visual Presentation of Metrics Reflecting Lifecycle Events of Software Artifacts – "Stas QA Dashboard" 2019
10,103,961 Collecting Client-Side Application Performance Monitoring Information - "BOOMR" 2018
10,048,994 Identifying Failed Customer Experience in Distributed Computer Systems – "Failed Customer Experience" 2018
9,847,926 Presenting Application Performance Monitoring Data in Distributed Computer Systems – "Online Operations & Support Dashboard" 2017
9,705,980 Visualization of Performance Parameters of Distributed Computer Systems – "DVR" 2017
9,648,078 Identifying a browser for rendering an electronic document 2017
9,509,749 Providing Transaction Identifiers For Application Performance Management In Distributed Computer Systems – "Thor" 2016