Syrina Rice

Team Manager, National Contact Center

B.A., Forensic Psychology, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Employee and participant since 1997
Charlotte, NC
image of Syrina Rice
Syrina Rice started with TIAA at age 16, working as an administrative assistant. Now she’s Team Manager in the National Contact Center. She’s the mother of two sons, ages 10 and 8, and a daughter, age 3.

What are the most challenging and rewarding parts of being a working parent?

The biggest challenge is time management. Creating the ideal work-life balance is sometimes like aiming at a moving target. The biggest reward is sharing my day with my kids and making those experiences teaching moments.

What’s your definition of success as a working parent?

Aligning your passion with your profession. Whenever those two collide, I can’t stop talking about it — and everyone in the home shares my excitement.

How does TIAA support you in that goal?

Our tuition reimbursement program allowed me to go to college full-time and work full-time right after high school. The company has also sponsored me to obtain my Life and Health Insurance, Series 6, 63, 7 and 26 licenses throughout my tenure in the National Contact Center (NCC).
This fall I will be embarking on a journey to obtain my Masters in Business Management and Leadership, for which I’m eligible for full tuition reimbursement. I’ll need all the personal support I can get to complete this program, and there’s a huge comfort in knowing we have awesome back-up child-care resources available if needed.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received as a working parent?

Keep something for your children on your daily to-do list.

What have you taught your children?

The value of hard work and the rewards you can reap from it.

How is your example helping your children to succeed?

My children definitely feel like anything is possible for them as long as they’re willing to work towards it.
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