Claudette Grose

Senior Director, TIAA Digital

B.S., Actuarial Science, DePaul University
Employee and participant since 2008
Charlotte, NC
image of Claudette Grose
Claudette Grose joined TIAA in 2008 in search of work-life balance, after serving as a management consultant for 11 years. Claudette now serves as a Senior Director for TIAA Digital. She’s the mother of two sons, who are 6 and 3.
Claudette attributes her success to support from her husband and family, but especially to her mother’s encouragement to find and nurture her talents. Her family taught her the values she still lives by. Show respect, give back and be a pillar of support.
Claudette was selected by TIAA to be honored by Working Mother Media as our 2016 Working Mother of the Year.

What are the most challenging and rewarding parts of being a working parent?

The biggest challenge is balancing my personal needs and career goals with the needs of my children. The biggest reward is being able to continue to achieve my personal goals and continue to learn while still raising a family.

What’s your definition of success as a working parent?

Having co-workers see me as a successful leader who doesn’t sacrifice important time with family to climb the ladder. Having my children see me as a loving, supportive parent who is also a strong and successful woman.

How does TIAA support you in that goal?

TIAA has a program that allows me to work from home, which allows me to avoid a commute and spend more time with my children and attend school events.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received as a working parent?

My mother showed me there is no statistical difference in the outcomes of children of parents who stay at home vs. work — and that my children would be just fine.

What’s your best advice for other working parents?

Be present. When I am at work, I focus on work and give it my all. When I am home and my children are awake, I am completely present and focused on them — no iPhone, no Facebook, no email.

What have you taught your children?

That women are independent and equal. We are continuously faced by stereotypes in our daily culture, and I want them to say, “That is not true. Women can do that too.” They see that career success and a fulfilling family life can co-exist.
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